If you are reading this, you probably have solar panels on your house. When you had the system installed, there were warranties and you may have assumed you would call the installer if you ever had an issue in the future.

That is what I thought too, until my installer went out of business literally TWO WEEKS before I needed them. When I had my panels installed, my roof was new so I knew I’d never need to have the panels removed to facilitate a roof replacement. It didn’t occur to me that I might want new siding in a few years. After contracting a local builder to install the siding, I tried to call my solar company to deal with the wiring and other components. That’s when I found out they were out of business.

Fortunately, I have contacts in the solar industry and was able to get a reputable company to remove the components and reinstall them after the siding job was done but it wasn’t cheap. It required having two master electricians come out who were experienced with solar installations. This hiccup also delayed the builder’s ability to pull his permit.

What is the point of my story? It is that you should know where you stand at all times. In an Associated Press article from May 2, 2020 (regarding COVID-19), SEIA President, Abigail Ross Hopper is quoted as saying “There are many smaller companies going out of business as we speak” and “Up to half our jobs are at risk.” She and others are confident the industry will rebound after this pandemic, but you might not have the luxury of calling the installer who promised to be there if you ever needed them.

If you’re thinking of selling your solar home, make a call to the installer, the monitoring company and the financer, if applicable. Find out if they are still in business and please don’t get stressed if they are not. Chances are, the buyer of your home will never need to contact the installer, but surprises are rarely good during a real estate transaction. It’s beneficial to get the facts straight ahead of time. If your installer is no longer in business, let’s formulate a plan to answer questions and ease any discomfort that buyers may have.