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Kate DeSimone

As a National Association of Realtors GREEN® designee, Kate is committed to promoting the benefits of solar-powered and energy-efficient homes. To properly market your property, Kate starts with traditional techniques such as careful market analysis to determine value, evaluation of recommended repairs or improvements that should be done prior to listing, ‘staging’ and professional photography. To make sure your solar panels and other upgrades are presented as beneficial, she will gather information from you and generate promotional materials to share with buyers and their affiliates. This balance of traditional marketing and promoting solar energy sets her apart from other real estate professionals.

Kate lives in Warwick with her husband, Bob, and daughters, Claire and June. When she’s not showing properties and negotiating real estate transactions, she can often be found attending classes, trade shows and seminars that pertain to solar panels and building science. As a solar homeowner, Kate understands the importance of getting the best possible return on your solar investment during a real estate transaction.

Buying or Selling a Solar Home

Buying or selling a solar home can pose a lot of questions, such as: Is it harder to sell a house with solar panels? Do homes with solar panels sell faster? Do solar panels add real estate value? Do solar panels increase property tax? Is there a difference between a leased solar system and an owned solar system?

Have no fear! We are here to help answer your questions about residential solar arrays and service your real estate needs. Whether you have a solar home to sell, are looking to purchase an energy-efficient home in Rhode Island or Massachusetts or are contemplating adding solar panels to your current or future home, we are your number one resource.

Real estate licensed in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, solar home specialist, Kate DeSimone is passionate about real estate AND photovoltaic energy. If your goal is ROI on your existing solar panel system, she has the education and experience to get you the maximum value for your home. If your home buying goals include energy efficiency, Kate will work with you to find a home that meets all your needs, including your green initiatives.