Yin & Yang, Venus & Mars, Left-Brain & Right-Brain… It’s no secret that opposites attract and many home purchases are made by two or more decision makers. Take my own parents, for example. Mom was very artistic and spent a good part of her life as a ‘homemaker’. Having a house that was beautiful was a priority for her. Dad was more of a technology guy who also was the primary breadwinner. Dad would get excited about new technology and was always looking to have efficient systems in place to stretch his hard-earned dollars.

I recently saw a high-performance home being marketed solely on its energy efficient features and systems. It was really a fabulous house but had missed a huge part of its audience because the photos and data sheets were all about the technology of the home. (Mom would’ve skipped right over that listing.) I’ve also seen high-performance homes that were beautifully presented but didn’t offer any supporting information about the benefits of the solar panels or energy efficient upgrades. (Dad wouldn’t have seen the value and would’ve just thought it was overpriced because it was ‘pretty’.)

To make sure we capture the attention of all partners in the transaction, there needs to be balance. To be prepared, please keep records of utility bills & production reports. Have original paperwork, sales proposals and warranties in an organized and accessible file. Know what you have and be ready to give me the tools to sell it to buyers! I will combine this awesome promotional information with traditional marketing techniques to make sure we engage all decision makers and show each what they want to see.